Lost in Transit

Udas Jillintor Uavoo

Public Safety Oversight Committee

Greetings Udas Uavoo

First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of my company for this unfortunate accident, though, strictly speaking, our company was in no way responsible for it. The collapse of the overpass has since been ruled an Act of Nature by the Corporation.

Nonetheless, I want to assure you that none of the seed pods lost from our transport vehicle will germinate. To protect our products from loss or theft, a chemical–its formula protected by copyright–must be introduced to our cultivars before the seed pods will open. My engineers assure me that the recipe for this chemical, which I don’t hesitate to tell you contains certain restricted ingredients that can only be obtained from the Corp lab with the sanction of your office, cannot be reproduced outside our factory.

To put your mind still further at ease, all of our cultivar seed pods are designed to self-destruct, if they do not germinate within ten days of release. This insures product freshness, but also prevents our product from remaining long in the hands of unintended parties.

Please advise if you have any further questions.

Dzo Zohvar Rapsid

Happy Garden Cultivars

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