The Ornamental That Wouldn’t

Udas Abrala Krayal

Krayal Housing Development

Mavic Set

Greetings Udas Krayal

As you know, our company prides itself on its 100% satisfaction guarantee. We were grieved to learn that you are not satisfied with the cultivar you purchased from us.

From your communication, it appears that your cultivar won’t adopt the form of a Tasan fauntail. That is, it won’t RETAIN that form, but continues to reshape itself into a Tasan whitewood. While rarely, cultivars do sometimes display idiosyncrasies. I won’t call it stubbornness, because a cultivar is incapable of developing what you might call a personality. Call it a predilection to certain forms. Obviously, your cultivar doesn’t wish to be a fauntail. And continuing to program it to take that shape will only frustrate you and annoy it.

Because we value your business, I am sending a company engineer to your office today to remove the cultivar. We will give you a new one, free of charge, which we hope you will find satisfactory. It assumes a quite lovely fauntail along with 50,000 other ornamentals that you might also enjoy. With your permission, we will sell your discard at discount to another business concern who is looking for a whitewood for their ornamental park.

Please confirm that this meets your approval.

Dzo Zohvar Rapsid

Happy Garden Cultivars

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