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Beautiful To Behold
Beautiful To Behold is the beginning of an epic time-bending story originating in WWII, leading to distant planets and the rich underworld of the Dark Brethren - Bearers of The Word.
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Darkness Falls
To outwit the devilish fiend that would take his life, Owen must become a devil himself. Even if he succeeds in at last wresting his freedom from his cunning master, will he ever again be the man he was, when last he held his beloved Jacek in his arms?
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Coming Of Day
After a half century of self-imposed exile, a seventy-four-year-old Jacek Tarasek returns to Warsaw, Poland to revisit the places of his youth—and grieve once more for his long lost love, Owen Adler. But what Jacek believes to be the last act of his long life is only the beginning of a new chapter—one in which Owen is to play a vital role.
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Abundance Of Light
The past has a way of finding him, no matter where he hides from it. In a botched escape attempt from his paradise prison, Jacek falls under the power of an old enemy, determined to take everything from Jacek, including the precious treasure he believes he’s lost.
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The Tragic Downfall of Various Delightful Jacks
To save the life of his fiancée, 25-year-old chef Jack Macrae throws himself in the path of an out-of-control delivery van. His life is over—but his troubles have only just begun.
How do you make a life out of the borrowed scraps of several others?
Jack is determined to find out—or die trying.
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When a heated argument with his father ends in a fistfight, twenty-year-old David Tanner takes off in his spanking new 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am—just a brief cruise to clear his head. When he pulls into his parents’ driveway less than half an hour later, his parents are gone—as in GONE, gone—his kid sister is now more than twice his age, and the world he knew so well has suddenly become a strange, frightening place.
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Something True
When his beloved wife of forty years abruptly leaves him for a far younger man, fifty-eight-year-old Mark Etson attempts to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and move on.
Mark moves on to Paris—a place he once planned to visit with a dear friend.
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50 Ways to Rescue a Novel in Distress
provides indie writers with a checklist of dos and don’ts that will help make your great novel even better, with useful tips in plotting the course of your story, populating it with a stellar cast of characters, avoiding the common editing mistakes that will spoil your magic, and giving that final needed polish to the finished product so it gets the attention it justly deserves.
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