A Book of Blots, or Bad News is Good News

After God alone knows how many hours, your book is at last on the shelf (virtual or literal) and you are anxiously awaiting your much-deserved praise. Then someone crushes you with a bad review and you want to curl up in a ball and die.

Maybe this is only one reader’s opinion. Maybe that one reader is wrong. But maybe, just maybe, he or she is right.

What then?

Though you don’t know it, you’ve just been given a gift–the chance to improve your skill as a writer.

Remember: all great discoveries began with a problem that needed a solution. Here’s yours. Make the next book the better for the instruction you’ve been given on this one.

If failure is good for us in no other way, it’s this: it teaches us to find the strength in ourselves to get back up and try again.

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