Sample Blurb: Vacation From Us

Here is an example of a blurb I made up for a contemporary gay romance:

After five years of marriage, even the happiest couple in the world can get a little tired of each other. Right?

While having a drink with some old high-school friends in a neighborhood bar, Calvin Ball meets a stranger, who invites him on a weeklong holiday in London. Without thinking, Calvin agrees. That night, he slips away from his sleeping husband, leaving behind a note that says, “I’m taking a little vacation from us. Don’t worry. I’ll be back. Love, Cal.”

The first few heady days with his new lover are all that Calvin could ask for. That is, until he sees his husband in London with another man of his own, one far younger and handsomer than Calvin.

For the first time, Calvin realizes what his little vacation might cost him? But is it too late to get his man back? Or is this weeklong holiday about to become a permanent vacation?

Before writing this blurb, I determined what tone I was going for—light and somewhat comedic. That would be the only way to give a story like this a sufficiently satisfying HEA. Without intending to, my protagonist, Calvin has lately lost some of his enthusiasm for his partner, Julian. I won’t spoil it—I don’t intend to write this book—by telling you that the betrayed husband has arranged this little holiday for Calvin, even going so far as to pay his “escort” for the trouble of entertaining him. To make Calvin jealous, Julian shows up in London, purportedly on business, with a handsome male model as his own escort. In this hypothetical story, Calvin will spend the rest of his holiday in London, endeavoring to win back Julian. When he at least succeeds, Julian will come clean, the book ending with the line, “next time we take a vacation from us, let’s do it together.”

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