How Should I Start My Novel?

How should I start my novel?

With dialogue:

“She jumped out the window. For no reason.” “Come on, Carl. There must have been a reason.” “I tell you. There wasn’t. Her old man was loaded—and he gave her anything she wanted. Just last week, he…”

With action:

Mary Jones opened her attic window, one bright sunny morning, and stepped out. No one knew why. At least not at first.

With description:

The picture window in the mansard roof faced an English garden, replete with every variety of rose in the Jackson & Perkins catalog. Every morning, Mary would come up to the attic to see her flowers, which she prized above everything, even and especially her husband.

With information:

Mary Jones had married Jeffrey just three short months after her previous fiancé left her standing at a rose-covered altar in St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

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