Editing Your Work

If you’re an indie writer on a tight budget, you may also be acting as your book’s main (perhaps only) editor. Here are some useful tips for polishing your novel:

1. Carefully check the accuracy of any factual information you’ve used in your book. Not sure what year the Civil War ended? Check. Not certain if a particular word is used the way you are using it? Check.

2. Search for inconsistences and any unanswered questions. Did Uncle Conley die in the Chapter 2 of your book, only to reappear at an ice cream social in Chapter 3? Did Nancy Sleuth ever discover what happened to that missing classmate in Chapter 6?

3. Remove libelous or unobjective statements. This is especially true if you are writing a nonfiction book, but it can also be applicable when your fiction is populated with real persons, living or dead.

4. Use standard English and avoided unnecessary slang/offensive language.

5. Review your story to be sure it is logically arranged. Getting cute with order for the sake of style may confuse and estranged potential readers. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO STRUGGLE TO UNDERSTAND YOU. BE CLEAR AND CONCISE.

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