Color on Emotion

Consciously or unconsciously you are aware of color in your surroundings. When spring bursts forth in all its glory the green trees and grass, purple crocuses, yellow daffodils, and red tulips accelerate your interests and give you a new lease on life. As spring merges into summer skies become bluer, the greens of nature less intense, so that all around you is an atmosphere of peace and joy. Autumn is heralded with strong bright colors as stimulating as the notes in a symphony just before the final chord, leaving you enchanted and spellbound. The hues of autumn are so vivid that you would soon tire of such a riot of color; therefore the season is brief and winter comes clothed in somber grays and browns. Have you ever stopped to think how much your moods are in tune with the seasons and how closely color is connected with each changing mood?

– Hazel Thompson Craig and Ola Day Rush, Clothes with Character, 1941

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