Damn With Faint Praise

I just read a review of a book called The Monster of Tyron Castle (by Raimon Weber). It received several good reviews, but one stinker that makes one wonder why some people bother with reviewing a book at all. “I read this Kindle Single while in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. It was a lot better than old Sports Illustrated.” It must be comforting for the writer to know that he beat out a stale periodical for the reader’s attention! Whenever giving a review, I try to point out what I liked about the book–first and foremost–and what I didn’t. I limit my criticisms to major points [too many foreign words are distracting], not matters of personal taste [hero flicked way too many noses]. Criticism is a great way for a budding writer to learn what works and what doesn’t. t received some really helpful criticism from the readers of my first novel regarding side plots that I put to good use while working on the sequel. So, by all means, tell me what you didn’t like! Just don’t tell me I was slightly better (or worse!) than US Weekly.

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