About Passing Strange

When a heated argument with his father ends in a fistfight, twenty-year-old David Tanner takes off in his spanking new 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am—just a brief cruise over the backroads to cool off and clear his head. When he pulls into his parents’ driveway less than half an hour later, intent on making peace with his father, he discovers that his loud mouth and short temper have cost him more than his dignity and a dollar in gas. His parents are gone—as in GONE, gone—his kid sister is now more than twice his age, and the world he knew so well has suddenly become a strange, frightening place.

After the lurid details of her steamy affair with the grandson of Jeremiah Fuchs, patriarch of a militant Christian organization, come to light, thirty-year-old Nicole Valentine is fired from her modeling job and tossed out of her home by her outraged husband. Can things get any worse than this? Yes, it turns out they can. When all her so-called friends turn their collective backs on her, for one reason or another, Cole is forced to accept the cold charity of her older brother, who’s more interested in settling an old score than lending her a helping hand.

Fortunately, Cole’s bad luck takes a sharp turn for the better when a good Samaritan offers her a lift (and a place to stay for the night). Cole is at first amused, then intrigued by the driver, who has a large collection of 8-track tapes still in their cardboard boxes, a rather quaint vocabulary, and an even more antiquated understanding of modern technology.

When Cole stumbles across an old photograph of a local man who went missing more than forty years before, she begins to suspect that her new friend might be more out of place than he appears.

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