About Abundance of Light

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Abundance of Light [Book Four in the Dark Brethren Series]

by M.D. Wiselka

Genre: Paranormal/Gay Romance

To save the five culling worlds from his evil master, Seker, Owen Adler was forced to sacrifice himself, leaving his beloved husband, Jacek Tarasek, to survive alone on an alien planet.

Haunted by dreams of his late husband, Jacek continues on toward a distant island—and, perhaps, the salvation he seeks. During a fierce lightning storm, Jacek tumbles down a sinkhole and wakes to finds himself the captive of a strange man in the thrall of an even stranger god. In this seeming Eden, Jacek might at last find contentment—if only he can put the past behind him.

But the past has a way of finding him, no matter where he hides from it. In a botched escape attempt from his paradise prison, Jacek falls under the power of an old enemy, determined to take everything from Jacek, including the precious treasure he believes he’s lost.

Abundance of Light is the fourth and final book in The Dark Brethren Series, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

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