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Coming of Day [Book Three in the Dark Brethren Series]

by M.D. Wiselka

Genre: Paranormal/Gay Romance

After a half century of self-imposed exile, a seventy-four-year-old Jacek Tarasek returns to Warsaw, Poland to revisit the places of his youth—and grieve once more for his long lost love, Owen Adler. But what Jacek believes to be the last act of his long life is only the beginning of a new chapter—one in which Owen is to play a vital role.

Within a few days of Jacek’s arrival in Warsaw, a twenty-four-year-old Owen Adler appears, drawn from a time but a few hours before his death in 1939 by the bearer Acheron for some sinister purpose of his own. When Owen begins to lose his memory of his past life, Jacek questions whether Owen’s detour to the future was a blessing or a bane.

Then, in the blink of an eye, Owen is taken from him, and Jacek is whisked away from Warsaw. He wakes to find himself imprisoned in his own sickly teenaged body, borrowed, he presumes, by Acheron, who has marooned him in a primeval wilderness far from home in both space and time. Jacek soon discovers this seemingly untouched Eden has a dark past that may destroy not only his dream of future happiness with Owen, but every living soul on the world he left behind.

The great Lord and Master Seker holds Owen captive in His Everlasting City, an impregnable fortress with walls of stone and spell that no mere mortal man can breach. The greatest danger, however, is not the many snares laid for unwanted visitors, but what lies within the Temple at the heart of this benighted City of Death. There Jacek will face an enemy that he may be powerless against—his own dark heart.

Coming of Day is the third book in The Dark Brethren Series, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

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