Your Murderer’s Motive

In the board game Clue, you attempt to discover who the murderer is, what weapon he or she used, and in what room the foul act was committed. But you are never asked WHY he or she felt compelled to put an end to a (seemingly) innocent houseguest.

Dickens wrote an essay once in which he outlined all the different reasons a man (or woman) might commit murder.

1. Hot blood and furious rage. John Jones discovers his wife, Judy, in bed with his best friend Ted and shoots them both.

2. Deliberate revenge. John Jones discovers his wife, Judy and his best friend, Ted are sneaking away for a hot weekend together. He slips into their hotel room, while they are down at dinner, to slip some rat poison into their complimentary bottle of champagne.

3. Terrible despair. Judy Jones jumps off a bridge, drowning herself and her small child, to escape her evil husband, John.

4. Mere Gain. John Jones murders his best friend Ted so he can inherit the fortune Ted is leaving him in a recently executed Will.

5. To remove an object dangerous to the murderer’s peace or good name. John Jones murders his best friend Ted to keep him from exposing a secret that will ruin him (John).

6. To win monstrous notoriety. Loser John Jones murders a busload of nuns so he can appear on all the major news networks.

What is your murderer’s motive?

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